Consciously Made Accessories – Chic Made Consciously

I have been discovering so many amazing eco conscious companies recently. There seems to be a growing trend in these types of budding businesses. It makes so much sense to live this way, by re-using and re-cycling already existing materials.

Chic Made Consciously is a female owned business from Canada. Using reused inner tubes and tires, transforming them from rubbish to beautiful hand crafted jewelry, bags, and accessories.

Every year millions of tires are discarded globally, because of a lack of infrastructure in some of the Far East countries, many of these tires end up in the street as garbage with no hope of even entering a landfill. By using recycled rubber tires for things like jewelry, accessories, and bags, there is a way to start solving this problem on some small-scale.

The owner Cassandra works in partnership with a small group of artisans in Bali called Oh Waste in Uhbud. These artisans eagerly wanted to reduce waste and give it a second life. Since tires in landfills are a huge problem in Indonesia and all over the globe, their mission is to start to make a small change in their homeland.

Chic Made Consciously reminded me that we can each play a part in reducing waste, leaving a cleaner world for everyone. Their vision is to join the global movement towards making our world sustainable by offering recycled, reused and repurposed tires in the form of accessories.

Recycled, re-purposed triangle bag

Recycled, re-purposed triangle bag

chic.2 (images taken off Chic Made Consciously website)

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