Swap That – Online Swapping with Swap Society

Swap That – Online Swapping with Swap Society

Swapped Style

Bebe Dress – Some stylish finds from Swap Society.

There are so many great resources online to swap and shop for second hand, or gently used clothing.  A newly discovered find is a the LA based website called Swap Society.

There has been so much talk over the past few years about the “sharing economy”  There is so much waste and unnecessary consumption in or society, how do we reuse/recycle what we already have?

The “sharing economy” is simple as stated in Wikipedia:  Sharing economy refers to peer-to-peer-based sharing of access to goods and services (coordinated through community-based online services).[1] “Sharing economy” can take a variety of forms, including using information technology to provide individuals, corporations, non-profits and governments with information that enables the optimization of resources[2] through the redistribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services.[2][1][3] A common premise is that when information about goods is shared (typically via an online marketplace), the value of those goods may increase for the business, for individuals, for the community and for society in general.[4]

There are a number of online marketplaces where you can participate in the “sharing economy”

My new favorite go to site online for gently used, and second hand clothing is: Swap Society

To learn more about Swap Society and to sign  for a membership visit their website at:

Swap Society:

For a low monthly fee you can join Swap Society and have access to their online store, where you can browse through scores of gently used items of clothing.

Swap Society’s concept fits so perfectly into the “sharing economy” philosophy.  This e-commerce site provides such a great way for consumers to share and swap with others.  While helping members save money, reduce consumption, re-vamp and refresh their wardrobes for a low cost.  This is truly a great example of collaborative consumption.

Swapped Style


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