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Neoki – Recycled Denim Bags and Purses from Barcelona

Neoki – Recycled denim bags and purses from Barcelona


I love the recycled brand of bags and purses from Neoki.  Founded in Barcelona in 2016, by a former fashion/costume designer and seamstress.  She has tied all of her previous experiences together from her fashion background, to create these one of a kind, unique bags.  The fabric, which consists of recycled denim jeans comes from vintage shops and second-hand stores in and around Milan and Barcelona.

Each piece is one of a kind and uniquely different.  The brand was grown from a fascination of “old things” The magic of finding hidden treasures and revitalizing them back to life and giving them a new purpose is what drives Alessandra Azzini, the founder and designer of the brand.

“Each piece of denim I find is the perfect one for a specific kind of bag.  It’s actually the size of the cut, the color, and texture that determines which bag will be produced.”

The idea of using recycled materials for making the bags is the result of an obligation the designer feels, for the fashion industry to promote more sustainability with making and designing her products.  Finding raw material, in this case (denim) locally instead from afar ties in with Neoki’s commitment to sustainability.  All the designs at Neoki made 100% locally and sustainably hand crafted.

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