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Baijeot – Simple, Raw, Recycled ponchos, kimonos and rocks

Baijeot – Simple, Raw, Recycled ponchos, kimonos and rocks

Meet this stylish, creative soul Lena from Baijeot.  She is the designer, and creator of this unique line of handmade ponchos, kimonos and rocks.

I recently discovered her stylish ponchos and jewels, and wanted to learn more about what inspired her to start creating her unique line.

I’ve always been into art and making things with my hands since I was a wee little beh-beh.

The ponchos and jewelry came about when I was hanging out with my long time gal friends.  We’d get together every Wednesday to bond and be creative.  I like long, flowing oversized cape-like tops because they feel comfortable.  When wearing these flowy/comfortable tops, as much as you may be covered, ye you still feel elegant whether you are going for a casual look, layering it, or dressing up.  They are very versatile pieces.

As for the jewelry, the rocks go well with the ponchos and I believe that they give off good energy, as well as, being timeless and beautiful.  So I decided to combine making totally fun, awesome, unique pieces together, while including a way to also help the earth by using re-purposed and recycled materials in my designs.  This pairing made me feel happy, and it just felt right in what I was trying to create for my line.

My companies mission is simple and kind.  To be comfortable. Comfortable by not having to pick a size.  Comfortable by being unisex.  Comforting our planet by making it a better place environmentally, and spreading good energy on to others. “Keep your heart close to earth and earth will keep your heart grounded.” – A quote I created to remind me of just that.

The materials I use are up-cycled fabrics from clothing, blankets, scarfs, table cloths, etc., as well as scrapped pieces of fabric meant to be thrown out or considered to be damaged.  These fabrics come from all over the Los Angeles area as of now.  I accept donations (a minimum of at least 6 items) of anything in fabric form, in return I make the donator a poncho out of the recycled fabrics donated.  I try and use every bit and piece of fabric so nothing is wasted.  I find that trying to reuse every bit of fabric challenges me creatively.

Click here to view this short informative video/article on how much waste is going into our landfills.

I make everything myself by hand.  I sell my products at festivals, events and online.  She is currently working on her website now.  Baijeot can also be found in a boutique in LA and  I have items in a boutique in Los Angeles and in Tennessee as of now.

The best part of having this company is that nobody can tell you what to do!  I am free as a bird to create whenever and however I want.  I find inspiration for my line from my family, friends, nature, music and travel.  The name BAIJEOT comes from my grandmother. It is her maiden name.  My grandmother was an inspiration to me growing up and to this day.  That crazy lady is badass and she could sew everything and anything!  She was always so well dressed and so stylish with her attire.  BAIJEOT is pronounced “Beige-oh.”  but far from the color that woman was, and is.

For more information and examples of their one of a kind pieces please visit the website at: