Beauty Products – – is a small locally owned company from California, that produces coffee based body scrubs. They make the most interesting blends such as; Vetiver, Cedarwood, Clove and Spicy Chai, mixed together with upcycled coffee grounds. This is such a unique product. By using upcycled coffee grounds, they are helping to eliminate the use of microbeads in beauty products by creating a usable, effective and innovative body scrub made with simple, natural, and non-toxic ingredients.

There are also any benefits to using a coffee based scrub –

Here are a few benefits;

Reduces Eye Puffiness, Exfoliates the Skin, Minimizes Cellulite, and Brightens the Skin.

The coffee grounds can help exfoliate old skin cells, while the caffeine can help minimize the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins; this is because caffeine works to constrict blood vessels so it can temporarily reduce varicose veins.

Caffeine may help prevent or delay the progression of skin cancer.

Using a body scrub also works to remove all the dead skin off your body, and expose the smoother and younger layer of skin. A body scrub can stimulate and improves the circulation, bringing natural body oils to the surface of the skin. Scrubs also open up the skin’s pores and helps eliminate uncomfortable ingrown hairs. My skin felt so smooth and refreshed after I used this product. Coffee grounds, which are so simple and abundant are amazingly effective for your skin. – Check out their product line at:

Organic Coffee Based Body Scrubs

Organic Coffee Based Body Scrubs


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