Soot-ii Hothersall – Up-cycled purses, bags, and clutches.

Soot-ii Hothersall – Up-cycled purses, bags, and clutches.

Upcycled bags

Soot-ii Hothersall – Up-cycled purses, bags, and clutches.

Soot-ii Hothersall Up-cycled purses, bags, and clutches, is a line of stylish, up-cycled/re-purposed bags designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia by stylist, Megan Quigley.

Each bag is made from either up-cycled or re-purposed materials and fabrics, (helping to reduce the effect of excessive waste and consumption on the planet, as well as, breathing new life into pre-used fabrics that were once something else.

After seeing Megan’s bags on Instagram I wanted to learn more about how she got inspired to create such a unique product line.

I recently reached out to her to find out about her process in creating these one of a kind pieces.

What Inspired you to start creating these bags?

It was a lot of different things.  I’ve always hated waste of fabrics,when I was working for a designed I would always take the scraps and make t-shirts and skirts for myself.  I think it was a gradual progression these pieces that I have aren’t big enough for clothing but are the perfect size for bags.

I made one for myself and showed some friends and their reaction to them made me think of taking it a step further.  It’s also the older I get, the more aware I become of the world around me and what we are leaving for the generations to come.

A lot of fashion these days are “fast fashion”, pieces that may last a short time and end up in the trash bin in a year’s time.  My aim is to produce pieces that are made from re-purposed fabrics that are well made, and that leave a smaller footprint on our planet for generations to come.

Where are your materials sourced from?

Various places: designer scraps, recycle shops, seconds factories, wherever I can find usable pieces to work with.

Are you doing this full-tie,or this a hobby?

It’s just a hobby at the moment, in between working two Monday – Friday jobs, working as a fashion stylist, and also being a mother.

How long does it take you to make each piece, are they all one of a kind?

It depends on what type of bag I am making, it can take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes.  All bags are one of a kind – I like the idea of owning something that no one else has, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Do you make all of the bags yourself?

Yes I do.  I do everything from designing the concept, pattern making, sewing and adding the final touches of the zipper pulls and any other extras.

I noticed that you are based in Australia, do people there respond well to recycled goods there as well as they do here in the US?

From what I am seeing on social media there seems to be a big movement towards eco-friendly, recycled/up-cycled products and sustainability, do you practice this in other areas of your life as well?

I’ve only been making my bags for about a month now and haven’t ventured into doing local markets, but I know that Sydney has a lot of eco-friendly markets covering most things from locally produced organic fruits and vegetables to second-hand clothing, to locally made arts and craft markets which are always brimming with people.

I have a friend who makes the most amazing men’s wear from re-purposed products (Urbandon),one of my favorite pieces of his was a jacket made out of a re-purposed army tent.

So yes, I think the eco-friendly movement is alive and kicking here in Australia.  I try to live as eco-friendly as possible at home.  I am big on recycling in all aspects of my life as well as using many natural/organic cleaning products at home as I can.  I figure change has to start within the home first and I try to teach my kids the value of looking after what we’ve been given on this earth.

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