EcoCork – Made in Portugal

EcoCork – Made in Portugal


EcoCork – Made in Portugal. A few years ago I discovered EcoCork – Made in Portugal, a small California-based company which produces the most unusual line of cork handbags, clutches, purses and jewelry made from 100% cork.

“The concept for Made In Portugal grew out of a love and yearning – our national of sentiment of “saudades” – for all things Portuguese: the culture, landscape, food, art, architecture, language, as well as an appreciation for the simple beauty of Portuguese design itself. Our goal is to provide you with beautifully handmade, high quality products directly from Portugal.”

Portugal has a long history of cork production and Portugal can be proud to have been a pioneer in environmental legislation. The first agrarian laws protecting cork forests having been enacted in the early 13th century, in 1209. Later, during the Age of Discoveries, the builders of the Portuguese ships and caravels that set sail in search of new worlds used cork oak wood for the parts that were most exposed to inclement weather. They claimed that the “sôvaro”, as it was called then, was the best wood for masts and yards: besides being exceptionally strong, it never rotted. (Taken from Cork Forest Conservation Alliance.)

EcoCork has taken this long-standing tradition and use of cork and created a truly unique product.

Their line of cork purses, clutches, and jewelry are both fashionable, durable and sustainable. All of their products are produced and shipped directly from Portugal. The cork is hand cut from soft cork leather, a natural, sustainable renewable resource, and fashioned into many usable, functional and fashionable styles.

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