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Hyperclash – Recycled Style

Hyper Clash

Hyperclash – Recycled Style

There are now so many more options to shop nowadays for both sustainable and recycled style, than ever before.   These types of businesses are creating great environments and resources that either give back, or help in facilitating more sustainable ways to shop, which in turn take a small step in cutting down waste.

One such business I discovered on a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, is Hyperclash.

Because our society is geared for the consumption of products that are used briefly, then disposed; this is especially true with clothing.  It’s estimated that over 20 billion pounds of clothing ends up in our landfills every year.  Hyperclash,  is on a mission to change that.

Paloma, who created the store over 4 years ago, believes that by utilizing reclaimed and recycled materials, she is able to create one of a kind chic pieces, that are both stylish and eco-friendly, she is doing everything possible to minimize her ecological footprint in the clothing she produces, and the items she sells in her store.  By re-using recycled t-shirts, and other found objects that were once destined for land fills.

Fascinated by this concept and business model,I recently reached out to Paloma, to see how she got started.

Can you tell me how you got started?

I became interested in sewing when I was 15.  I borrowed a sewing machine from my best friend’s mother and began to experiment with making bags and pants from any material I could find.

What inspired you to start Hyperclash?  Hyperclash started as a T-shirt company in 2004.  I was asked to design resort shirts for a ski shop in the Taos Ski Valley that winter.  I designed my ideas in Illustrator.  I submitted a small lookbook, and they gladly bought a large order and that is what initially launched Hyerclash as a brand.  From there I had to form my brand identity and create a business.  I quickly sourced local screen printers, national label makers, and wholesale materials.  With luck and late nights, I delivered to the ski resort on time.  From there the resort T’s became my bread and butter.  I continued to produce new lookbooks each year and attended trade shows, where I formed new relationships with other ski resorts nationally, and gained continued business for the next five years.

When I chose my name and brand identity I played with many words that could grow with the business over time, that wouldn’t lock me down to just selling T-shirts, I had a greater plan in mind, of actually designing garments and becoming more creative with the brand. I branched out of the T’s by getting creative with patterns, and designing garments from found, discarded and recycled materials. 

Reclaimed materials

Made by hand

Where do you get your materials come from?

Most of my materials come from places that sell by the pound or from jobbers, fabric suppliers who sell mill ends and odd lots of materials and notions.  I also go thrifting to pick out extra-special vintage, or patterned fabrics.

What can you tell me about yourself and your store’s mission?

I grew up in Taos, New Mexico and went to college at Cal Arts, where I studied experimental animation.  I also studied printmaking and fashion design throughout college with pre-college at RISD, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

With my store I am driven to do everything possible to minimize the ecological footprint in the clothing and accessories we sell, and the lifestyle brands that I offer my customer.  Most of my artists create their pieces using primarily recycled and discarded materials, all of which were previously destined for landfills.  Hyerpclash is known for its original designs, and products for the eco-conscious consumer.  Our collections consist of restructuring materials with varied colors and patterns that, once assembled become unique, one-of-a kind creations.  By producing consumer goods from reclaimed materials, my business minimizes its impact on the environment while maintaining innovative, cutting edge concepts.


Recycled Style

To learn more about Hyperclash, and to shop for one-of-a king unique pieces, please visit their website at: