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Gemtera – Artisan Creations -100% handmade

Gemtera – Artisan Creations -100% handmade


Gemtera – Lavender Lip Balm and Acai Lip Scrub

Gemtera – Artisan Creations -100% handmade

Gemtera – Artisan Creations, from San Diego, CA, is another unique product I have recently discovered.

Chris and Zeneta the company owners started Gemtera from their love of gemstones, and the beautiful things in life.  They believe that everyone’s life should be filled with the rare beauty of gems.

Every Gemtera creation is 100% unique and handmade, with attention to detail.  Because of this, no two items are identical; each creation is an original piece of art, with unique colors, textures and other unique details.

The philosophy of Gemtera is – “Beauty can be found in the way things look, and in a way of looking at things.”  – Ancient Proverb

Chris and Zeneta are beauty fanatics, and have fun playing, and testing each product on themselves.  There is never any testing on animals.

Using mainly plant-based, fair-trade ingredients.  No artificial preservatives or other unhealthy chemical additives are ever used.  They often incorporate pure essential oils from local organic farms in the San Diego area.

At Gemtera, their customers are partners with them in this journey.  They invite their customers to send them feedback about their products, and make them part of the process.

I tried the Hyacinth scented yellow, and the Lavender transparent candles. Both smell bright, fresh and floral.

All of their candles are long burning, 50 +hours, 4.oz of gel wax, with cotton wicks.  Each of the candles come in a reusable mason jar.

Gemtera - Lavender Candle

Lavender scented purple transparent candle

The Lavender Lip balm is creamy.  It has a lovely blend of coconut oil,cocoa butter and essential oils.   Chapped lips will heal quickly with these soothing lip balms.  They come in other flavors like; Coconut, Bubble Gum, Citrus and Adobe.

For more information on Gemtera, and to shop their products check out their website at: