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Twig + Birdie Apothecary: Minimalist serums, oils, remedies Twig + Birdie Apothecary: Minimalist serums, oils, remedies

Mughal Sarāi Twig + Birdie Apothecary: Minimalist serums, oils, remedies.   This online apothecary uses a minimalist mindset when creating their handmade products.  Their serums, oils and remedies are made in small batches, and can be used in multiple/healing ways.

order modafinil usa I discovered Twig + Birdie Apothecary recently when I was seeking an alternative way to treat tension headaches.  I had been looking for a more natural remedy to treat work related stress and tension headaches, and neck/shoulder pain.

With Twig + Birdie, I’ve found the perfect natural remedy.  Their Peppermint & Basil headache remedy.  This aromatherapy roller eases headaches, and can be applied on the temples or forehead to give a quick boost of energy, alertness, memory & clarity.

I have bee rolling the serum directly onto my temples, or on to the back of my neck, and feel an almost immediate sense of relief.

Peppermint has been known to relieve headaches.  The combination of peppermint, basil, and rosemary, cool and stimulate, ease pain and help to restrict blood vessels.

Tension headaches, try their Peppermint & Basil Headache Remedy