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Mean Bone Candle

Charlie Bax – Artisan Bone Ware for the Home

buy Lyrica online ireland Charlie Bax-Artisan Bone Ware for the Home

I have found such unique, inspiring and innovative products on Instagram.   I recently discovered yet another find called Charlie Bax artisan bone ware.  This small, artisanal product line was inspired by a pure love, and slightly offbeat passion for up-cycling animal bone – cow femurs in particular.

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Barrettes Made from Algae

Barrettes made from Algae

A few months ago I saw Eco-Blogger Tiffany, from Green with Tiffany, talk about her time spent on a plastic pollution expedition with 5Gyres, where she and a team of volunteers and scientists went on a journey sailing through the Atlantic from Bermuda to Iceland.  5 Gyres Research Expeditions collect cutting-edge plastic research that empowers legislation, design change and education.  Most of the things we buy are disposable plastic: packaging, cosmetics, (information taken from  Checkout the website for more information. even barrettes.  What if there was an alternative to commercial grade plastics?

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