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Hyperclash – Recycled Style

can i buy Dilantin over the counter in uk There are now so many more options to shop nowadays for both sustainable and recycled style, than ever before.   These types of businesses are creating great environments and resources that either give back, or help in facilitating more sustainable ways to shop, which in turn take a small step in cutting down waste.

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Barrettes Made from Algae

Barrettes made from Algae

A few months ago I saw Eco-Blogger Tiffany, from Green with Tiffany, talk about her time spent on a plastic pollution expedition with 5Gyres, where she and a team of volunteers and scientists went on a journey sailing through the Atlantic from Bermuda to Iceland.  5 Gyres Research Expeditions collect cutting-edge plastic research that empowers legislation, design change and education.  Most of the things we buy are disposable plastic: packaging, cosmetics, (information taken from  Checkout the website for more information. even barrettes.  What if there was an alternative to commercial grade plastics?

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