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Almirah – Clothes, Bedding, Accessories

On my blog I love promoting brands that I have discovered from all over the world, that are driven with a purpose and passion for creating sustainable handmade products.  So when I discovered Almirah, a mother/daughter created business based in Delhi, India I wanted to learn more about their passion for patchwork, recycling and creating a line of kids clothing from ages 0-12.

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Hyacinth Gem Candle

Gemtera – Artisan Creations -100% handmade

Chris and Zeneta the company owners started Gemtera from their love of gemstones, and the beautiful things in life. They believe that everyone’s life should be filled with the rare beauty of gems. Every Gemtera creation is 100% unique and handmade, with attention to detail. Because of this, no two items are identical; each creation is an original piece of art, with unique colors, textures and other unique details.