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Swapping is beautiful

http://grumpyrhinogames.com//plus/download.php?open=1 Swapping is beautiful

http://pousadabarrabella.com.br/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://pousadabarrabella.com.br/apb-room-type/infinity-pool-villa/ Give + Take

http://theherbalist.co.nz/product/3-bottle-gift-pack/?add-to-cart=22120 Being a budget conscious shopper, a few years ago I discovered Give + Take swap boutique in Santa Monica. This is one of the only brick & mortar swap shops in the U.S.A. You pay a low monthly membership of $35.00 + tax, to gain access to their amazing collection of gently used, and new clothes. It’s like a giant, fashionable library for women’s clothes. You can wear something to an event and bring it back for someone else to take. The concept is so great. I don’t have any desire to buy new clothes anymore after I discovered this hidden gem.

“Swapping is eco-fashion at its best and really can make a difference. American women spend an average of $60 a month on clothes—and we’re betting Los Angeles women spend much more than that. At the same time, underused, out-of-style, or out-worn clothing is simply getting dumped in our landfills. If every woman in America swapped rather than shopped for just 30 days, we could save $10 billion and $1 billion pounds of landfill waste every month” (taken from Give+Take’s website)

Here are some images I shot in Joshua Tree, and in studio. Both models are wearing gently used clothing from Give + Take. Looking stylish and beautiful does not have to be expensive.

Give + Take Boutique


Give + Take Boutique


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