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Still Swapping – Swap Style

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It’s been almost 5 months and I still do not have a desire to buy any new clothing. My go to shop for second-hand, stylish clothing is Give+Take Swap Boutique in Santa Monica.

Being a member of Give+Take, has allowed me to have a great, stylish wardrobe without contributing to our carbon footprint.

I have been a member there for about 5 years, and this is what I have saved, and gained by shopping there.

Why Swap?

The benefits of swapping are so simple:

“Swapping is eco-fashion at its best and really can make a difference. American women spend an average of $60 a month on clothes—and we’re betting Los Angeles women spend much more than that. At the same time, underused, out-of-style, or out-worn clothing is simply getting dumped in our landfills. If every woman in America swapped rather than shopped for just 30 days, we could save $10 billion and $1 billion pounds of landfill waste every month!” (taken from Give+Take website)

How it Works:

For a low monthly membership fee of $35.00 per month, you shop with points instead of cash.

“You’ve been there—accepting a fraction of the value of your expensive designer jeans on consignment. At Give+Take they give you 100% of the original cost in store credit. You get points for the clothes you bring in, and get to spend those points on clothes in the store.

For example, if you brought in a dress worth $100, they would give you 6 points for it—and it would cost 6 points for someone to take it home. You can accumulate points for costlier items by bringing in two $50 dresses and swapping them out for a $100 pair of shoes. You can return them anytime to swap for something else, or keep them forever! Simple, right?” (taken from Give+Take website)

check out their website at

G+T Swap Style

clothing-swapGive + Take Boutique

Give + Take Boutique

* All clothing worn by models is from Give+Take


    • Angela Kent says

      They should open these everywhere, such a great way to shop, save and great for the environment!

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