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Dreamers & Doers: Artist – Ingrid Knuti



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Dreamers and Doers Series – Interview with an Artist:

This is my second interview in my Dreamers and Doers series. Women who are living and pursuing their creative dreams and passions, in everyday life.

I have always been fascinated with the artistic process. Where do artists get their creativity from? Are they born with it, are they taught? Does everyone have that innate gift of creativity? I am impressed with what those with that gift are able to create with imagination, passion, a canvas and paint.

A local LA artist I came across recently on social media, Ingrid Knuti, embodies these traits. I spoke with her recently to talk to her about her creative process, and where she gets her inspiration from.

How long have you been an artist for?
Starting from an early age, I have always been creative in some form or another. I come from a creative family of musicians, artists and a photographer.

Are you a full-time artist?
I am a mom to two young boys first and foremost. As I believe FAMILY FIRST. You might see that in my hashtags at times. I am currently fortunate enough to work on my art daily. Although there are times when I have a bit of a creative slump, I try to take time for myself to paint on a regular basis.

How do you sell your work?
It is very hard to be involved in both the creative process, as well as the business aspect of selling art. The majority of my work is purchased by long-term clients and referrals, although social media is having a great impact on whom my art reaches, and as a result new clients are emerging. I also enjoy giving my art away to friends, and to those where the art has spoken to them one way or another.

Name an artist that you love or who has inspired you?
I love Georgia O’Keeffe. Her use of shapes, color, and style, I have always gravitated towards. I love nature and am inspired by her time at Ghost Ranch, and her interpretation of the Southwest.

What is your favorite, or most inspirational place?
Almost anywhere in nature. I love to go running for inspiration. I have come across so many interesting ideas, scenarios, scenes, on my early morning runs. The light is usually great at sunrise and it inspires me in the simplest of ways. Once on a run when I was in Ventura, I saw an old trash can, I stopped and stared at it, I absolutely loved the color of the can, and could not wait to use that color in one of my paintings.

Everyday life is also one of my biggest inspirations. With two young boys at home, I never know what the day will bring, and I draw on that in my work. My art work tends to tell a story, and weaves the days together like a glimpse into my daily life.

I am also inspired by where my family lives in Northern Minnesota, I could get lost on a walk in the woods for days and find endless inspiration there.

Professionally, what’s your goal?
To continue to keep on painting, creating, and to feel inspired. I want to let my artistic process flow, and guide me in my work.

Why do you do what you do?
I don’t see it as there is a reason to what I do. I paint because I have to paint. It is not a drive to sell paintings, or be featured in magazines or change the art world. I simply paint because I have to.

What’s your background?
I always did art starting at an early age. When I decided to go to college I chose the Art Institute of Chicago. After I graduated I ended up moving to New York and getting a studio to paint in. From there I did a stint in fashion merchandising, but decided to pursue my art full-time. Having two boys keeps me busy, but I always find the time to express myself through my art.

What themes do you pursue?
My themes generally come from everyday life with my husband and two young boys. I get my inspiration from nature and daily activities. I truly see inspiration everywhere, and paint from events that may happen to me during the day. I draw from these experiences. Nature seems to be a key inspiration for me. The way a rock looks, the way a tree branch may be bent a certain way, different shapes and patterns in nature is what really inspires me. Each painting I do tells a story.

What advice would you give people to use their creativity in everyday life?
I believe everyone has creativity within them. Look around you, the simplest things can give you a spark. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity.

Ingrid is currently updating her website. For artist inquiries you can contact her at:

cspirito@staffordcommercial.com or Ingridspirito@gmail.com.

To see more of Ingrid’s amazing art go to her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/iknuti/









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