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Weeeknd Tote

Alicia San Marcos – Accessories for Education, shopping for good.

blog here mail order zithromax Alicia San Marcos – Accessories for education, shopping for good.

Over the past year I have shifted my perspective on purchasing goods.  I have made a real concerted effort not to buy any clothing or accessories,unless they are second-hand, or provide some sort of benefit to others.  That’s why I was so excited when I discovered  Alicia San Marcos – Accessories for Education, shopping for good.

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Barrettes Made from Algae

Barrettes made from Algae

A few months ago I saw Eco-Blogger Tiffany, from Green with Tiffany, talk about her time spent on a plastic pollution expedition with 5Gyres, where she and a team of volunteers and scientists went on a journey sailing through the Atlantic from Bermuda to Iceland.  5 Gyres Research Expeditions collect cutting-edge plastic research that empowers legislation, design change and education.  Most of the things we buy are disposable plastic: packaging, cosmetics, (information taken from  Checkout the website for more information. even barrettes.  What if there was an alternative to commercial grade plastics?

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