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Boho Gold – Organic Skin Care Boho Gold – Organic Skin Care

online dating sites same hobbies Boho Gold – Organic Skin Care line, was created out of a passion for wanting to produce an all natural/organic, plant-based skin care line.   Ashley, the owner of the company, was frustrated with products that were filled nasty/harsh chemicals, decided to take a stand, and create her own unique line of beautifully blended products.

top rated dating sites to find someone free Produced in Portland, Oregon (they produce their hand crafted products, in an organic lab which has zero carbon footprint, and operates on solar power.  Using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, their products are great for your skin, and easy on the Earth.  Boho Gold has such unique blends like;

Mojito Wash

Mojito Wash

Mojito Cleansing Wash, infused with refreshing cucumber, and a hint of mint.  This fresh smelling, gentle cleanser is great for everyday use.  I have been using it for the past few days, my skin feels soft, nourished/revitalized, refreshed and smooth.  The Mojito Wash also has chamomile, aloe vera, citrus essential oils, and peppermint, which are all so cooling and calming for the skin.

Fall Harvest Scrub

Fall Harvest Scrub

Fall Harvest Face Scrub, a hydrating/nourishing facial scrub made with tomato, avocado oil, and aloe.   Makes your complexion incredibly smooth and soft!  The Soothing organic aloe, hyaluronic acid, and oat flour replenish and calm the skin.   I use this twice a week, it is perfect for scrubbing and sluffing off dead skin cells.  My skin feels beyond smooth after using these products.

Other unique products include; Mango-Buttah Face Cream, Banana Bliss  Exfoliant, Clear Mind Mineral Mask, and Tropical Zen Toner. To learn more about their product line, and the benefits of using organic skin care products, please visit their website and blog at:




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