Author: Angela Kent

Contemporary Minimalist Photographer – Natalie Christensen I have been completely enamored by the work of New Mexico Contemporary Minimalist Photographer – Natalie Christensen.  Her beautifully composed, minimalist images are both intriguing and mesmerizing.  She discovers her subjects in the most mundane of spaces; office parks, apartment buildings and shopping centers. read more

Neoki – Recycled Denim Bags and Purses from Barcelona Neoki – Recycled denim bags and purses from Barcelona

I love the recycled brand of bags and purses from Neoki.  Founded in Barcelona in 2016, by a former fashion/costume designer and seamstress.  She has tied all of her previous experiences together from her fashion background, to create these one of a kind, unique bags.  The fabric, which consists of recycled denim jeans comes from vintage shops and second-hand stores in and around Milan and Barcelona.

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