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The Art of GiGi Mills

The Art of GiGi Mills

Art #1

The Art of GiGi Mills

As part of my ongoing Dreamers and Doers series I have discovered another amazing, inspiring artist.

GiGi Mills is a painter, (“It’s as simple and as difficult as that”)  She goes into her studio every day and paints.

GiGi has always been drawn to creating pictures.  She claims to be a “terrible” photographer, so her only option to creatively express herself was to paint.  Driven by a need to capture emotion and translate it.

She works in oils.  Sometimes on paper, sometimes on canvas, birch panel and on a heavy-duty acid free cardboard called book board.  She is dedicated to her art and works everyday.  She only occasionally will take a half-day, or a Sunday off.  She has a serious work ethic, which shows in how prolific her body of work is.  If a piece of work is not good-by her standards, she will let it go, and it will not leave her studio.

GiGi was born in Ohio to a Circus family.  They lived mostly in Florida.  She has always been drawn to the sea, although she currently resides many miles away from any sea, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She is not sure how she ended up land locked in the desert.

She feels that part of her role as an artist is to translate the darker aspects of life into beauty.   Her work is a reminder to be aware of the exquisite moments, even if they seem to enveloped in pain or darkness.

She identifies with work that is beautiful but that seems to come from a deeper place.  For instance, the paintings of Mark Rothko elicit an extreme emotional response from me.  Creating work that does the same thing for others as Rothko’s work does for me.   In her work she tries to paint the distillation of moments.  She tries to reduce a moment, a phrase, or something or someone I’ve seen, to its or their most essential form.

As far as themes they can be almost everything.  Figure, landscape or still-life. 

Art #2

The Art of GiGi Mills

GiGi’s work can be found at numerous galleries around the U.S. including:

Gigi Mills




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